Tournant (544)



Title:                      Tournant Chef


Department:           Marine Hotel


Primary Function:  Responsible for the direction and execution of special culinary events including An Evening at Le Cirque, Dine With the Chef, Master Chef Room, Sommelier Dinner,  Culinary Art Center demonstrations and the implementation and executive of all Culinary Council Recipes. Supports culinary management in the development and training of all galley staff.


Reports To:           Executive Chef


Major Responsibilities:


1)    Implements new menu items including recipe training and proper plate presentation.


2)    Assists kitchen management with the implementation of all Culinary Council recipes including the monitoring on a per voyage basis that recipes and plate presentations are done to standard.


3)    Assists Pinnacle Grill Chef with An Evening at Le Cirque including the monitoring on a per voyage basis that recipes and plate presentations are done to standard.


4)    Conducts all cooking demonstrations and culinary classes in the Culinary Art Center.


5)    Ensures that the quality of food served at all special culinary events is of the highest quality and meets the company standards.


6)    Assists in the training of all kitchen staff for the proper use of recipes, plating presentations and all other corporate culinary standards. 


7)    Assists the Executive Chef to implement and execute food handling and cleaning procedures according to USPH standards.  Follows all HACCP procedures set by company.  Closely supervises and inspects kitchen for operation and cleanup after each service period according to USPH procedures. Conducts inspections with the Executive Chef as required.


8)    Checks that quantity and quality of items ordered from stores are received and stored in proper condition according to USPH procedures and used in accordance to standard recipes.


9)    Implements, executes and supervises proper maintenance and cleaning procedures in the kitchen to ensure good appearance and condition of these areas.  Reports any malfunctioning equipment to the Executive Chef.


10) Adheres to all Culinary Standard Operating Procedures and Marine Hotel Directives.



Hiring Criteria.



Application Instructions:

  1. Check that you meet or exceed the hiring criteria for the position listed above.
  2. Send an email with a resume attached to with the job title as the subject.