Crew Purser (367)

Title:                           On Board Human Resource Manager


Department:              Marine Hotel Department


Primary Function:      Responsible for the Career Roadmap and Personnel Excellence Program. 


Reports to:                 Hotel Manager


Major Responsibilities:


1.          Ensures the performance management process is in place and followed with an emphasis on the Career Roadmap.


2.          Understanding of the Performance Management Workbook to support career development.  Workbook is located on eFleet under HR/Crew Purser.


3.          Administer and monitor the Personnel Excellence Program (PEP) to include:

a.      Monthly meetings with shipboard PEP Committee.

b.     Record keeping of all planned and executed dimension activities.

c.      Provide detailed reporting regarding all dimensions of PEP.

d.     Communicate with other vessels and Seattle office to share best practices.

e.      Ensure PEP calendar and Crew Newsletter is issued on a monthly basis. PEP calendar to be generated and posted by 1st day of every month and Crew Newsletter to be generated and posted by 5th day of every month.


4.          Coordinate the components of the seven dimensions of PEP Program:

a.      Spirituality – Enhance the programs onboard (e.g. bible study, mosque)

b.     Financial – Provide guidance (e.g. funds, transfer program)

c.      Health/Fitness – Coordinate programs (e.g. Dietary, DAM Fit, personal fitness)

d.     Personal Development  - Coordinate programs (e.g. English, LMS, seminars)

e.      Sports/Recreation - Coordinate recreational - inter and intra ship events (e.g. soccer, basketball, ping pong, etc.)

f.      Entertainment – Coordinate events for crew (e.g. Bingo, parties, celebrations)

g.     Community – Coordinate contributions for local communities (e.g. charities, orphanages, etc.)


5.          Manage Crew Quality Assurance to include:

a.      All menu cycles for crew Messroom and Petty Officer Messroom are in place.

b.     Ensures all Crew public areas are in excellent condition such as: Crew Library, Corridors and Crew Gym.

c.      Ensure all Crew Entertainment Equipment is operational.

d.     Ensure crew DVD Library is current.




6.          Provides oversight and management of the ship’s Learning Management System (LMS) and coordinates training.

a.      Support and facilitate users of LMS.

b.     Provide reports to Department Heads as requested to facilitate training.

c.      Perform administrative tasks such as back-ups, password re-sets and training data entry.

d.     Responsible for the Training Room schedule.


7.          Responsible for the administration of the “New Employee Orientation Program (NEOP)” process.


8.          Seattle HR to forward all SEA contracts to Crew Purser. Crew Purser to contact all SEA contractors for required signature. When complete, signature page scanned into PDF and posted to eVoyage.


9.          Responsible for administering the Family & Friends and Cruise Privilege Program for all eligible Officers.  Distributing information, answering questions, submitting and following through on requests and any other assistance required for compliance with MR 1000.


10.       Interprets and advises Officers and Crew regarding policies, procedures and benefits.


11.       Follow up on performance improvement notices (PIN’s) with employees and supervisors to work for positive results.


12.       As a part of the Seattle-based Human Resources department cannot be paid for any activities which are the ultimate responsibility of the HR department which does include training.


13.       To understand and follow all Safety Management System (SMS) manuals with emphasis on Seagoing Personnel Manual (MR-1000) and Training Manual (MR-1200).



Hiring Criteria:


·       College or University training in Business Administration or related experience equivalent.

·       Background in Human Resources/Training and Development highly preferred

·       Working knowledge of computers and the ability to navigate within a variety of software programs such as Excel and Word.

·       Proficiency in learning Computer Systems.

·       Ability to multi-task and handle constantly changing priorities

·       Must possess strong leadership, organizational and training skills

·       Must possess basic presentation and training skills


Application Instructions:

  1. Check that you meet or exceed the hiring criteria for the position listed above.
  2. Send an email with a resume attached to with the job title as the subject.